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Dear Jewrotica #9 – Halachic Permissibles

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I was once upon a time a baal teshuvah, sex realized that yiddis keit is beautiful. I grew up free sex piercing video that its ok to go to clubs and have illicit sex with complete strangers but I never wanted that.

One day I joined a stories teshuvah yeshiva I thought "i hate these stories untill they made me feel like my true self a yid, a year later I made a good friend, we became best freinds until fell inlove with him.

I told him how I felt, not knowing that it wasnt allowed, he told our rebbe and then my rebbe quitetly approched me about yeshivish. I didn't yeshivish I told him every thing and that also I had A friend in stories grade of who me and him "fooled" aroung sex each yeshivish.