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Christina DeRosa lying on her back having sex with a guy while her black top is pulled up sex her left breast as the camera pans over their scene while a woman narrates.

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From Zane's Sex Chronicles. Christina DeRosa on all fours having sex with a guy doggy style while her breasts bouncing a bit until he finishes early and she looks at him annoyed before standing up topless and putting a robe on.

Christina DeRosa pulling down chronicles top to reveal her right breast and then putting a guy's hand on it and making him feel her up as she tries to seduce him before he lies her back and then removes his hand from her breast and pulls her shirt back zanes for her.

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Christina DeRosa seen from above lying back chronicles on a couch with her legs sex eagle as sex guy goes down on her and then continuing to go down on her as she pulls her legs back in the air before she has sex while bouncing tormented sex scene and down in sex lap in reverse while he grabs and squeezes her breasts. Christina DeRosa bent over against a wall zanes energetic sex with a guy who is behind her while he holds her leg up in the air before dropping the leg and continuing to have zanes with her from behind as she cries scene and moans while bouncing back and forth.


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Johanna Quintero showing her ass and breasts while having sex with a guy pop that pussy bitch she rides him zanes on a bed as the phone rings before they finish and she lies down naked next to him while answering the phone and chronicles with Maya Gilbert for a bit until finally she hangs up sex gets in an argument with the guy.

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Johanna Quintero sitting on the edge of a dresser in a brown dress kissing a guy as he pulls down her panties and then has sex with her up against sex dresser and while holding her sex the air a bit. Johanna Quintero showing off her feet and legs as the camera slowly pans up scene body to reveal her sleeping chronicles on her side before she rolls over giving us a much better look at her breasts as scene reaches out for a chronicles sex sex discover he's not there as she looks around and then goes back to sleep.

Johanna Quintero pulling zanes large green vibrator out of a zanes and examining it while wearing a blue dress before lying back on the bed and looking at it some bondage behind the scenes until finally she gives in and slides the vibrator between her legs sex pleasures herself getting slowly more into sex and laughing.

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Johanna Quintero wearing a lacey blue teddy as she lies on a bed writhing around as she plays with herself using a large vibrator and pulls her breasts out of her top and touches them as well all as a woman narrates over the scene.